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Xero is beautifully designed cloud accounting
software used by small businesses worldwide.

Xero is cloud software, meaning it is accessible from any internet enabled device and data is automatically backed up.  Xero comes with a simple, flat monthly subscription which covers unlimited users in your organisation and ongoing free upgrades. Data is available in real time to all users – for example, if you have a member of staff raising a sales invoice in the office, you can see that even if you are sitting in an airport lounge. Integrations with most major banks allows your bank transactions to be imported directly to the software meaning no more painful bank reconciliations! Nuvem9 is a Certified Xero Silver Partner and we use Xero as the basis of providing all our financial reporting services.  We utilise Xero and the Xero add-on eco system to create an efficient and effective system that best suits your business.

Nuvem9’s certification means we have been trained on all aspects of the software. We use this knowledge and experience to bring tailored solutions that meet the needs of your individual business. No “one-size-fits-all” model – bespoke solutions for you. Having used Sage and other desktop software systems for many years, Nuvem9 are fully aware of the greater flexiblility Xero will bring early stage and growing businesses. If correctly configured with the right Xero Add-ons for your business, Xero has the potential to save considerable time and money, allowing you, and your business, to focus on value added strategic initiatives that deliver growth and profit. For more information on Xero visit the official Xero site here.

Certified Xero Silver Partner

We have been a Certified Xero Silver Partner since March 2015 and are committed to growing our collaboration with Xero and the Xero App eco-system. We are a 100% Xero business and use the software ourselves in our own business on a daily basis.

Nuvem9 - Certified Xero Silver Partners
Nuvem9 works with many key tools from the Xero Add-on Ecosystem

The Xero Add-ons

Nuvem9 has also partnered with a wide range of Xero Add-ons. There are now hundreds of add-ons in the Xero Add-on eco-system. By using and understanding these tools, we can enhance the power of Xero by providing additional functionality in specific areas of your business, provide data automation between other core systems such as Point of Sale, Stock Management and Online Shops, and expand the range of reporting on your Xero data. As every business is different, we specialise in analysing your specific business needs and recommending the recommend and install the correct Xero Add-ons you need at any time. Utilising the correct suite of Xero Add-ons reduces the effort involved with labour intensive processes and frees up your time to concentrate on growing your business. Nuvem9 will assess your business needs and design a tailored package of Xero and Xero Add-ons that will allow your business to operate in the most efficient and effective way. For more information on our Add-on partners please contact us via the Contact form at the bottom of the page, and a sample of these are reviewed for you in our blog pages.

Nuvem9’s Xero services

We have a suite of Xero based services to suit your business.


How to Use Xero and How to Get the Best out of Xero

You may already beusing Xero, but don’t feel you are getting the best value that the software can deliver.  If so we can deliver a bespoke training session for you and your team. We are Certified Xero Silver Partners and have been trained directly by Xero on the product. In addition, we use Xero every single day in our own business and every one of our client’s business. We can therefore deliver you optimal value for the investment in our time. Contact us today for more details and a tailored quote based on your exact needs with the software.

Moving to Xero: 

Data Migration, Xero Set-up and Internal Process Configuration

This package is designed for business owners that cannot get the value they need from their existing accounting system (such as Sage or a spreadsheet based system). We have extensive experience in project managing the migration of data from the incumbent system to Xero, including the cleansing of data and reconfiguration of chart of accounts and reporting templates where necessary. Thereafter, we will work with you to get the right internal processes implemented to ensure you and your staff are bought into and trained in the new operations. Our promise on this type of work is that the investment in your migration project will pay for itself in the time and money saved under the new and correctly configured Xero operation. Contact us today for more details and a quote based on your needs. (You may also wish to read our article specifically on how the opportunities for using Xero can benefit a legacy system based operation – this is available here).

Outsourced Xero bookkeeping

Nuvem9 is a Certified Xero Silver Partner. All our staff have been individually certified by Xero and we are a 100% Cloud practice. We have an ongoing commitment and focus on maintaining our mastery of the software and extending our understanding of the Xero Add-ons.  This allows us to provide our clients with the optimal level of service. Because of this we can deliver you an extremely cost-effective outsourced bookkeeping solution to suit your business needs. This will ensure complete compliance with all HMRC and Companies House requirements (i.e. VAT, PAYE, Corporation tax returns, annual returns etc.). In addition, we can maintain your books each month allowing you access to accurate balances in real time and a dedicated bookkeeper to raise any queries with. We ensure that we have an open door policy and will provide you with access to a dedicated Slack channel for raising queries and receiving proactive updates on tips and tricks on Xero, plus regular Skype, Whatsapp, Mobile and Email support. We find this service is ideal for business owners that want to have minimal input into financial administration but also to be safe in the knowledge its being taken care of by reliable, accessible and competent staff. Contact us today for more details and a quote based on your needs.

Xero Reporting Pack

This service is positioned at Company’s that have the bookkeeping function in house but need to bridge the gap between business owner, their external compliance accountant used for year end filing and tax returns and the inhouse bookkeeping staff. Quite often we find that, in this scenario, there is insufficient attention paid to the current and real time position of the business via management accounts, forecasting and reviews. We work with you, the business owner, to identify your reporting needs on profit, margins, overheads, performance versus budget, liquidity and cash / working capital position. We then use Xero and carefully selected Xero reporting add-ons that we believe will benefit your business reporting requirements and deliver a set of reports that are available to you in real-time. Contact us today for more details and a quote based on your needs.

Full Xero Virtual CFO

As we are Certified Xero Silver Partners and experienced Chartered Accountants with direct experience in setting up, generating funding for and running businesses. We are ideally positioned to provide you with a cost-effective access to an experienced CFO. This service can also include the fully inclusive Xero Bookkeeping Service if required. Xero Virtual CFO is delivered by Niall McGinnity (See Niall on Linked In here) who has almost 20 years experience in working in and advising growing small businesses at CFO and COO level. Companies using this service receive value added analysis of their profitability and cash position, forecasted movements, warnings on obstacles down the road and ultimately are in a more comfortable, knowledgeable place to make the right decisions to take their business forward. Niall also has access to a large network of funders that can deliver business finance solutions when required.  Using Xero and Xero add-ons allows us to provide these services at a budget to suit your business. Contact us today for more details and to set up an initial consultation to determine your exact needs.

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Nuvem9 & Xero

Nuvem9 are committed to providing you with a first class service on your Xero accounting – we believe that getting access to the financial information you need to run and grow your business should not be a difficult process. To find out more about how our Xero services could help transform your business please complete the contact form or alternatively call 028 9581 9120 or email

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