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Nuvem9 are EXPERTS in tech startup cloud accounting. We have experience in launching our own tech startup, generating funding and analysing the key metrics needed to gain growth. BOOK A FREE VIDEO CONSULTATION - no obligation, just chat through what you need and discover what we can do to helpREAD OUR FREE TECH STARTUP GUIDES - we have loads of free information on our experiences of growing and funding a startup like yours!

Planning & Strategy

We have over 10 years experience in preparing business plans, strategies and financial forecast models that are geared towards investment and funding. We have a proven record in this area having raised over £10m for our own businesses and client businesses.

Integrated Reporting

We utilise an integrated cloud accounting model that extracts data from your key business systems, processes it via Xero and summarises results in clear financial dashboards. This creates simple, easy to access information on your business metrics and performance.

Sector Expertise

Having launched a tech startup ourselves in the past we know exactly the pains and issues you will encounter.  Our ethos is to maintain open communication with you via Slack, Skype, Whatsapp and traditional phone and email.  We understand your business moves fast and we proactively support that.

This is how we take your Tech Startup on its journey to scale

From bootstrapping early ideas, through generating funding and scale through to exit, discover the difference Nuvem9 can make to your tech startup today.


Kyle Gawley, CEO,

We’ve been working with Nuvem9 for over 4 years now to handle everything from our day-to-day accounting to developing and implementing long-term strategies and it has been an invaluable experience. Niall has always felt like part of the team – having run his own tech companies, he’s extremely knowledgable about running online businesses and contributes a wealth of experience and expertise that is difficult to find elsewhere. I’ve been recommending Nuvem9 to all my friends in business for years!

Tom Wood, CEO,

Nuvem9 have been a huge support through Cazana’s transition from a small independent business to a VC funded growth organisation. Their integration with our tools such as Slack, CharlieHR and use of Xero have made day-to-day interaction with our accountants a breeze – a refreshing change in an industry of scanned, handwritten letters! Highly recommended!


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