“Niall McGinnity, Nuvem9 CEO, created Nuvem9 in 2013 from a starting point of no clients. As an ex CFO and COO in technology companies, he had relied on desktop Sage software. Niall saw an opportunity to create a new type of accountancy and advisory service using Xero and other cloud accounting technologies. Nuvem9 was built as a completely virtual business; it has never had an office and delivers all services via cloud software. Now with customers and staff in 4 continents Nuvem9 is recognised by influencers and key software in this space as “a little bit different from your typical accountants”. This course has been written by Niall as a step by step guide on how to start and scale a successful online accountancy business”.

This course has been
written by Niall as a
step by step
guide on how
to start and
scale a successful
accountancy business.

How to Launch an Online Accounting Business you can run from anywhere
Today you can start a cloud accounting business from a standing start. How do we know? Because we did this ourselves in 2013. We had no clients, no offices and have today grown the business to have staff and clients in 4 continents (but still no office as everything is delivered virtually). This course is a step by step guide to show you how to master cloud accounting tools, define and price your services and attract high value clients that love your service and preach about you to other companies


The course is much more than a technical guide on how to use Xero and other cloud accounting tools. This is a course for people who are determined to take control of their own destiny and master how to apply these tools in a thriving cloud accounting business. You will learn on a self paced basis via slide and video content, and via a mix of case study learning, practical assignments and building up your eventual business model. The course will therefore ensure that at the end you can confidently launch your business.

Course topics

WHY? Clarifying Your Mindset And Long Term Goals
In this module we will help you define why you want to start an online business and identify the long term goals you hope to achieve. This may be greater freedom to travel, a better family and life balance or flexibility on working hours to allow more time on health and fitness. We will also cover why virtual online accountancy services are different and how to use these to your advantage and achieve your goals faster.
Applications - Certification Level Training
A detailed technical training on the key cloud accounting systems you will need to master. This will enable you to reach certified level training with the core applications we will be using including Xero, Futrli, Chaser and Receipt Bank.
Identifying Your Target Customer
This process will allow you to start thinking about who you will serve and more importantly why. We will provide you with tips and exercises to allow you to identify a niche product sector that best fits your skillsets and experiences
Productization And Pricing
Having identified your target customer we will now guide you through the process of productizing your services, tips and recommendations on how to price these and how to learn valuable upselling techniques.
System : What Pricesses And System Are Required
To best serve your customers you will need slick internal systems that enable you to respond quickly, generate paperwork for onboarding and have a gold star standard customer service model. This module will give you a step by step guide on how to create affordable and effective internal systems based on our own business growth.
Sales And Marketing
A detailed module helping you learn the essentials to best market your services and business to the world. Rather than relying on word of mouth referrals you will learn how to generate a strong inbound lead generation system.
Scaling You Business With A Team
This will cover how to take your business to the next level by investing in new team members, how to recruit, options that best fit a virtual business and skillsets to look for.
Course Closure
We will give you a short test to verify you have understood each module and to acquire your overall certification. On achieving this we will deem you ready to start your business immediately!
Jimmy Jeff

Jimmy Jeff


“Nuvem9 have shown me not only how to gain the technical skills to provide accounting services via Xero, but also the commercial and sales skills to build a business around cloud accounting services. I can now run my services with a schedule I am in control of”
Gemima Yeti

Gemima Yeti


“I desired to travel more and learning how to do that while providing high quality cloud accounting services has been a life changing experience. This course is essential for anyone wanting to learn how to gain clients and grow a thriving cloud accounting service”

Follow the Course at Your Own Pace, with All the Support You Need

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Can’t I just learn this all online with Xero for example?
Yes Xero have a wide range of online tutorials that will help you learn their software. This course goes beyond that. You will learn how to take a mastery of a software and start a 6 figure revenue business. We have reviewed the market, learnt the tools and made the mistakes. This course will allow you to navigate all of this as quickly as possible with the backup support of someone who has already done what you are seeking to achieve.
How long do I have access to the material?
All purchases give lifetime access to the modules and course materials.
How does the training support work?
We will set you up on a slack channel and give you one to one access with the course creator and advisors. We will also in time have a slack group to discuss with peers as you will learn there is a vast level of peer support in the cloud accounting industry.
How will be I be taught?
The course is first and foremost a self paced online course with text, video and training exercises. You will have your support channels and all purchases in 2020 also give a free one to one closing session when certified with the course creator.
Can I really run a virtual online accounting business from anywhere?
Yes, since 2016 Nuvem9 has and you can too!