Nuvem9 conversion to cloud accounting enables you to move your accounting records onto the cloud and reap all the benefits cloud accounting delivers. We offer tailored services to ensure that your end system is designed to suit your bespoke business and reporting needs.
Bespoke to your needs
Nuvem9 understands that your end system needs to be configured to your bespoke needs. We work with you to create the chart of accounts and reporting formats your business needs and not enforce out of the box templates that don’t fit your requirements.
Integration and Efficiency
We work with you to ensure the real benefits of cloud accounting are maximised. We integrate other critical business systems where possible and maximise automation potential in the new system to avoid unnecessary data entry.
Training & Support
We will deliver video training and tutorials to your team and ensure that all projects have a run on support period to assist post go-live on the job queries.
What system so we recommend?

Nuvem9 is a Xero Silver Partner. We use Xero in our own business and are fully Certified on the software.  Xero is our number one recommendation for cloud accounting because of its ease of use and ability to integrate with a huge number of business application and reporting applications.  If you want to know more about our approach to Xero you can check out our dedicated Xero page including our Converting to Cloud Accounting service. We also offer FREE Xero demos and would be happy to organise one for you.

How does the Nuvem9 Cloud Accounting Migration Service work?
We operate a clear project plan developed over the experience gained from the many migrations we have completed to date. The aim is to provide you with a clear and simple transition and ensure staff are able to use the new system quickly after Converting to Cloud Accounting.

1. Design and Define

We have an intro session with you and define exactly what the current system limitations are and design your ideal reporting structure

2. Data Collection and Cleansing

We then collect the data we need from you to allow the balances to be set-up on Xero.  We cleanse the data during this process and provide a clear mapping of old chart of accounts to new.

3. Create Templates

Once the data is imported the new reporting, invoicing, statement, remittance and email templates are created and loaded into the system.

4. Integrate Systems

Data is then rolled forward and connections are established with bank accounts and key business systems to enable automation opportunities

5. Training and Support

Once data is live and rolled forward from the conversion date we begin staff training sessions and support. We operate open communication channels to ensure any initial queries are addressed promptly.

6. Process Re-engineering

This is an optional stage where we work alongside you with the new system and ingrain Xero deeper into the organisation to maximise the full potential of the functionality

All projects will be quoted a project fee and a timescale for delivery of the live system.  Clients will be provided with a list of data to produce; work will commence on receipt of the information in the format requested.  All projects will be priced on a bespoke basis based on the length of period to backdate data into Xero and the volume of transactions involved.

Nuvem9 have experience in migrating from many systems including Sage, Quickbooks and spreadsheet based systems.  We have completed migrations across Europe and can configure Xero tovery  tight requirements including language of reports and invoices.

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