Financial modelling suited to YOUR business needs

– Financial projections that have been proven to deliver investment
– Cashflow planning and assistance with critical cashflow decision making
– Preparing and advising on different cost and revenue scenarios
– Calculating the sensitivity of your business to changing business conditions

Our Numbers services

Having set up and run our own business, we know that you need to properly understand your business’ performance. More than anything else in your business you need accurate and fast access to your cash position, visibility on your current and future costs are, your profitability and your ongoing finance and capital expenditure needs.

We create tailored financial modelling suited to your specific business, incorporating the growth and cost parameters relevant to your business, and allowing you to assess a range of potential scenarios for growth.

We work with businesses seeking to generate growth by identifying sensible & solid business strategies, advising and creating flexible business plans and implementing scalable bookkeeping systems. In addition, we have a proven track record of delivering investment & loan finance solutions for businesses needing to take on capital to fund their growth.

We will deliver you with a top class, simple & easily navigated and flexible financial model – with a guarantee it will provide a clear understanding of your business’ numbers:

3 statement 5 year by month financial model – profit & loss account, balance sheet and cashflow

Built on the correct set of metrics relevant to your business

Making sure growth and cost assumptions are realistic

Building in all the factors influencing growth to ensure realism

Clear presentation of results

Flexible model, capable for use on an ongoing basis in your business

Investor friendly models capable of standing up to investor due diligence

Consistency with your wider business plans and business strategy

Your Numbers:

Our Charter

We take a very clear consistent approach to our financial reporting services as follows:

1. We use layman’s language

Having worked with a wide range of businesses and business owners we know how to communicate in your terms. We avoid using the technical finance jargon and instead give you your information in straight forward, easy to understand terms. We will speak a finance language you will understand.

2. We understand your business model

We know that no business is exactly the same as any other. We avoid the cookie cutter, one size fits all approach and instead take the time to understand your revenue & cost models and what that means for the cash in and out of your business.

3. We plan for a range of scenarios

When we present you with reports and forecasts we always present a range of options, starting with the worst case scenario. By building up gradually more ambitious scenarios we can guide you through the impact of different methods of growth so you can understand the investment, risks & potential payoff and cash tied up in different options.

4. We make sure your figures are realistic

When preparing forecasts we will always ensure that assumptions are realistic. We believe it is important to build your forecasts bottom up, using actual metrics from your business rather than guestimates. In addition, we will ensure that all sales forecasts are aligned with the costs needed to generate that revenue, to avoid any nasty surprises down the line.

5. We aim to help you sleep at night

We totally appreciate that, for some business owners, the regulations and responsibility for compliance around VAT, corporation tax, company accounts and employees can be daunting at best and at worst cause stress and anxiety. We see our role as removing that stress from your life. We will offer you straight forward, practical advice on what your business needs to do and in many cases take the responsibility for ongoing filing and returns away from you completely.

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Nuvem9’s Numbers Services

Nuvem9 are committed to providing you with a first class financial strategy and introductions to the funding routes needed to support your business growth – having been through this journey ourselves we believe we are uniquely positioned to offer you the advice you need. To find out more about how our Numbers services can take your business to the next level, please complete the contact form or alternatively call 028 9581 9120 or email

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