Legal solutions suited for small businesses that don’t cost the earth.

All small businesses need legal agreements. But not many are in a position to pay an expensive lawyer to sort that out.  The result? No legal protection or, at best, cheaply delivered documents that don’t stand up when challenged.

Linkilaw addresses this. They bring a carefully selected network of legal firms that cover specialisms suited to small businesses and their owners.  You make an enquiry and receive quotes in return. You can then have a no-obligation conversation with a specialist to discuss things before deciding to proceed to a formal piece of work.  If you aren’t satisfied with your lawyer of choice, then simply go back and speak to another.

What does this mean?
Fast responses. Superior Quality. Affordable Prices.

Free Legal Session

Is your business legally protected? Have you policies in place to protect against disputes with customers, with staff or between shareholders?  Maybe you don’t know. If that is the case we recommend visiting Linkilaw and booking a free and confidential legal session with a legal specialist.  This promises to deliver simple and essential information that you can use to protect you and your business in the future.

Legal Packs

Linkilaw have prepared a selection of specific packs for different types of business. These give you the necessary policies and agreements needed for your business. All prepared by a qualified solicitor and delivered within 72 hours.

Founder’s Pack

  • Who is it for? Early stage companies, often with more than 1 founder
  • Why do I need it? To protect relations within the business and to protect early dealings with customers
  • What does it contain? Shareholder’s Agreement | Director’s Service Agreement | Terms and Conditions for Supply of Goods or Provision of Services
  • Price: £697

App Pack

  • Who is it for? Anyone who is developing an app or has an app for their business
  • Why do I need it? To comply with data protection law, to limit liability and to be transparent with your customers
  • What does it contain? App Developer Agreement | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions for Your App
  • Price: £597

Employers Pack

  • Who is it for? Any company that employs anyone or works with someone as a consultant
  • Why do I need it? To safeguard the wellbeing of your company and employees and to increase transparency within the business
  • What does it contain? Employment Contract | Consultancy Agreement | Staff Handbook
  • Price: £997

Web Pack

  • Who is it for? Early stage companies doing any business through their website
  • Why do I need it? To comply with data protection law and to limit liability through your website
  • What does it contain? Cookie Policy | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions for Your Website
  • Price: £347

Investment Pack

  • Who is it for? Anyone seeking investment
  • Why do you need it? To look professional, to ensure you get the most out of your investment transaction and to protect yourself in case that investment goes wrong
  • What does it contain? Letter of Intent | Term Sheet | Shareholder’s Agreement or Investor’s Agreement
  • Price: £597

Freelancer Pack

  • Who is it for? Any freelancer
  • Why do you need it? To protect yourself and ensure you get paid
  • What does it contain? Freelancer Agreement | Terms of Business | Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Price: £597

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