Looking for a Business Loan?

Look no further – Nuvem9 have access to lenders providing a wide range of flexible business finance and fast access to funds – often within hours of application.

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We deal with businesses that require Business Finance for any number of reasons.

Scale your business?

Buying extra stock or extending advertising and marketing budgets to expand sales revenues

New Markets?

Paying for the business costs of expanding into new territories

Growing your Team?

Funding new additions to your team that are critical to continue growth

Whatever the reason behind your Business Finance needs Nuvem9 guarantees to make the process incredibly easier than the old tiresome bank application process you have experienced before.

We connect to innovative lenders using online applications who make decisions based on the real performance of your business. They make swift decisions and provide fast access to funds. No paper, no fluff, no waffle, no time wasted.

We can find you the Business Finance that meets you exact needs and works best for your Company

General Purpose Working Capital Loan – You borrow an amount upfront and make fixed repayments monthly over the term. The money can be used for general purposes in the business and can normally be repaid early without penalty.

Asset Finance – You borrow money to fund the purchase of capital assets or equipment, spreading the cost over a longer period to ease the cashflow in your business

Merchant Cash Advance – Advancing the cash that could be held by your credit card merchant ensuring that the funds from growing sales are received much faster

Trade Finance – The perfect solution for an ambitious that wants to grow stock levels and maximise revenues

Invoice Finance – Decrease the time you normally wait to receive your customer payments by getting invoice finance secured against the customer debt

Find Out More from our Funding Your Business Guide

A guide to how to apply for a range of alternative finance solutions specifically suited to small, growing businesses

Find Out More from our Funding Your Business Guide

A guide to how to apply for a range of alternative finance solutions specifically suited to small, growing businesses

How do Nuvem9 run Business Finance searches?

Minimal Paperwork – a fully online process and connection to your online accounting system to speed up analysis and decisions

Soft Searches – we run searches and make applications on a free, no-obligations basis

Review Progress Online – we can see what stage each application is at and provide real time updates and manage expectations and timescales

Wide Network – We work with a wide range of lenders to ensure you get the right product on the right terms

Fast Access to Lenders – we have access to online database of lenders specialising in reviewing applications same day, often coming back with decisions within hours

Why do we not use High Street Banks?

Nuvem9 is all about helping ambitious business owners grow their business. We work with likeminded businesses when we service our clients. High Street banks have old applications and do not respond in the time that our lenders do each time. The banks are also less likely to help you and even when you do get an offer it can infexible repayment terms and high levels of security and covenants. We have raised over GBP 10 million in business finance and know that our network is best suited for your needs!

Nuvem9 Case Study

A client (an online retail customer) had an extremely seasonal business. It had generated record sales in peak season but was struggling to meet the cash demands of running costs in low season. Nuvem 9 introduced their customer to a lender that consolidated all existing loans and extended the facility. The client has recently posted almost 40% revenue growth year on year on the back of a solid working capital injection.

What the lenders say

Quick to adopt new technologies for the benefit of their clients – not only do Nuvem9 use Google Hangouts & Skype they are the first accountant we have met who have rolled out Slack to their clients (a darling communication tool for the tech community – Capitalise included). The Nuvem9 clients we have had interaction with hugely value Nuvem9’s digital first, always on, virtual nature.

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