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Our Business Mentor services are designed to transfer the knowledge we have gained on best practices to the next generation of small businesses

Free 1 Hour  

Firstly we take the time to understand your business via a free video call consultation.

Business Mentor

By partnering with us at an early stage in your business journey we can provide hands on guidance on the key decisions you will need to make. Whether that be around systems, staffing, customer or supplier negotiations or capital investment, we make ourselves available for a minimum amount of face to face time each month via video call and allow additional phone and email support throughout the month. Nuvem9’s Business Mentor services are provided via a range of competitively priced retainers dependent on the level of access required.

Nuvem9 Business Mentoring Services


To complement our one to one mentoring services, we have created a series of training courses covering the following areas:

Accounting Fundamentals

Covering the key things every business needs to be aware of to ensure that its legal responsibilities and taxes are accounted for

How to write an investable business plan

This course is perfect for businesses seeking to take on capital investment via the form of loans or equity financing

How and where to get your business invested

This covers the different ways to raise money for your business, what you need to aware of and expert tips on how to get the best deal

Key financial systems every business needs

This course is perfect for businesses that are struggling to keep on top of their finances; we show you what is available to address your specific pain points

How to bootstrap your business

This covers how to budget for your business, where to spend and not spend money and tips on how to get the solutions needed to keep your costs to a minimum

Group Workshops

Periodically we run free to attend workshops where we present a high level summary of our paid business mentor services and training courses or simply our insights into relevant market trends. These are delivered via webinar or onsite in central locations if you have a larger audience. Please complete our contact form to register your interest in this area.

Nuvem9 Business Mentoring Workshops

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