Are you lying awake at night worrying about how to grow your business. STOP! With Nuvem9 you will develop a sensible and measurable plan suited to your exact business needs. And then Execute that plan to perfection. All with a great night's sleep every night!

Schedule a Free 30-min. consultation with us now to learn how we can help you get your business finances in order and plan for future growth.

We have a proven approach to provide you with a clear GROWTH strategy

We start work by helping you understand your current finances

If you don't know how your business is performing today, you can't make plans for tomorrow. We work with you to decipher clear financial analysis on which decisions can be made for the future.

We spend time with you to understand where you want to bring your business

We go back to basics to identify why you went into business in the first place, identify what is working and why, and better understand what the issues with the business are at present.

We work with you to identify a clear GROWTH strategy to achieve your ambitions

We will work with you to assess how to grow revenues profitably, and cost up the strategy in a clear financial forecast. We will also introduce partners that can fund the plan if required with fast, easy to access capital solutions.

We set you to Execute your plan to perfection

Having identified your plan, and costed up what you need, we will give you a clear set of KPIs and systems with which to measure progress each day, week and month afterwards. 

An Expert GROWTH Consultant You Can Trust with Your Future

Hi! I'm Niall.

I am the CEO of Nuvem9 and have over 15 years of experience in financing and growing businesses. In Nuvem9 we have helped many clients achieve a clear vision of where they want to be, what it will take to get there and how to measure if they are on the right track. I'm confident we can help you with any and all of your financial strategy questions, plans, and dreams. 

When I'm not helping exciting businesses like yours I live in the Algarve in Portugal, living my dream in the sunny Atlantic coast. I practice what I preach to you and would love to help you achieve your dreams too. 

I'd love to learn about business and life goals—let's chat!  

An Expert GROWTH Consultant You Can Trust with Your Future

Hi! I'm Mike.

I work as a Business Mentor in Nuvem9. Since 2002, I have worked in the start up arena, first as an entrepreneur co-founding a software security company and then then for E-Synergy, an early stage fund manager and support company. During this time I have managed over 40 equity investments and mentored over 400 companies. 

I believe that mixing the lessons learnt from small and a large business gives the greatest chance of success. n the GROWTH Workshops I pass on these lessons to help you grow.

When I'm not helping business owners like you Iike nothing more than walking my dog Duffle in Cornwall where I go to escaoe the bustle of London.  

I'd love to learn about business and life goals—let's chat!  

Getting started on our GROWTH workshop has never been so simple:


Book a no-pressure call so we can chat about your needs and understand your business better. This is to see if we're a good fit for each other and also to give you more background on our GROWTH Workshops.


If the fit is right, and we have convinced your we are the best partner to work with, we'll start you on a 6 session workshop - at the end of this you will have a clear vision for your business and personal goals, a financial plan and the systems set-up to execute the plan.


You execute the plan, we stay in touch with checkins and offer support along the way.


Niall has always felt like part of the team – having run his own tech companies, he’s extremely knowledgable about running online businesses and contributes a wealth of experience and expertise that is difficult to find elsewhere. I’ve been recommending Nuvem9 to all my friends in business for years!

Kyle Gawley | CEO Getinvited.to


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