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Scale your business?

Buying extra stock or extending advertising and marketing budgets to expand sales revenues

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Paying for the business costs of expanding into new territories

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Funding new additions to your team that are critical to continue growth

Working Capital

Obtaining general working capital assistance to reduce cashflow pressures

Want to know how much you can borrow?

We use the best cloud accounting and reporting tools to give you a clear understanding of your current and forecasted finances. This means we give you a complete viewpoint of your profitability, overhead projections and most importantly cash position in the future.
In order to scale we understand that you may need to finance the growth. We support you further in being able to make fast, online loan applications to a wide range of business finance lenders in order to give you the best fit of affordable finance products that your business needs to scale up to the next level.

We have experience in generating over GBP 10m in funding and operate in a proven, strong network of lending partners offering thousands of debt solutions.

Our online technology enables us to deliver to you:

  • Pre funding credit searches
  • Pre enquiry market searches of best fit products and rates
  • Online progress monitoring of applications
  • Periodic review of refinancing opportunities

The Nuvem9 clients we have had interaction with hugely value Nuvem9’s digital first, always on, virtual nature. Nuvem9 combine a diligent attention to detail in preparing clients forecats and budgets, educating and preparing them for the scale of funding required and what each option entails. Nuvem9 have funded through merchant bank, peer-2-peer, alternative and independent lenders.

Mike Cass – Senior Partnerships Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I access?

Nuvem9 has access to over 100 lenders and thousands of products. These cover

  • Trade Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Invoice Finance
  • Property Finance
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Merchant Cash Advance

We initially have a fact finding conversation with you to understand trading history, current assets and liabilities and the reasons for you needing finance. Then we will recommend potential products and make a search of lenders that would be willing to review an application.

Does this process require a lot of time and paperwork?

No! We are able to submit the necessary documentation once for multiple applications. The applications are all completed online and decisions are normally made with 48-72 hours with funds in your account 24 hours after that. We know exactly what each lender will need to see and will liaise with you to access this (bank statements, financial accounts, vat returns etc.). The process can be even quicker if you use an online accounting tool like Xero as many lenders are now also able to review the information directly from Xero.

What if I change my mind after I make an application?

No, all our applications are submitted on a no-obligation basis. The importance of our service is to demonstrate what lenders are willing to work with your company, what security they need, what the lending costs and how they compare to other lenders. We will only proceed with an application after discussing with you and you will have final say in terms of signing for the product and liaising with the lender. Our service is focused on delivering the right product for your needs at the most affordable price.

How soon can I get the finance?

The beauty of our online only applications is that we can have applications submitted in minutes and very often decisions back within a few hours. We once had an enquiry placed at 6pm in the evening with funds paid out the next working day. If you have an urgent need we can definitely support you, and if your need is not urgent you can have offers open for 30-60 days while you assess other options.

How does Nuvem9 know what product is best for my business?

Nuvem9 are experts in helping ambitious SMEs grow. We have a proven experience in delivering finance that supports a Company to scale. However, we only represent in this process a Company after getting to know you, your management team, your ambitions and needs, and your current and future finances. We do this via an onboarding process to ensure we know exactly what you are seeking, advise you on the choices and steps, make recommendations to change plans if we feel there are better opportunities, and stay in close contact as your advisor.

Nuvem9 Case Study

In mid-2018. Nuvem9 held a 1 day strategic review with a client who were concerned that, despite revenue growth, cash pressures seemed to be increasing. The client was reluctant to take on a term loan over a 3-5 year period without understanding the reasons for the cash difficulties.
Nuvem9 prepared analysis that showed that, given a customer base of large blue chips, the company was actually suffering classic growing pains by receiving cash in after the direct costs of each sale were made. Within days we were able to secure a £250k invoice financing solution enabling the company to accelerate cash received on invoices raised to the blue chips; furthermore, with a clear online platform, the fees were transparent and easy to factor into their margins with the clients.
In addition, we were able to get a £115k flexible loan product approved – in essence a rainy day fund. This allows the client to more aggressively recruit staff and expand operations knowing they can cover any short term cash issues with an overdraft style solution that can be repaid at any time without penalty, and refreshed within hours.
The client is now spending less time fretting at nights and weekends worrying about cash and answering unhappy suppliers. With more time to focus on business growth and client delivery the company recently won 3 separate awards for their work with high profile clients.
Nuvem9’s extensive skills in understanding the business issue combined with the ability to find the right product to solve the problem is accentuated by being a Core Founding Partner with Capitalise.com.

Why do we not use High Street Banks?

Nuvem9 is all about helping ambitious business owners grow their business. We work with likeminded businesses when we service our clients. High Street banks have old applications and do not respond in the time that our lenders do each time. The banks are also less likely to help you and even when you do get an offer it can infexible repayment terms and high levels of security and covenants. We have raised over GBP 10 million in business finance and know that our network is best suited for your needs!

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