The BOSI Dna Entrepreneur Test

Nuvem9 is a Certified Partner of BOSI Dna. This is a powerful test that allows entrepreneurs to understand and maximise their business & personal potential. You can take the test FREE here right on our site. Just click the button below.

Are all Entrepreneur’s the same? Of course not! This is why Nuvem9 has partnered with BOSIDna in Chicago and are the only Certified BOSIDna Advisors in UK & Ireland. For more details watch the creator of Bos DNa, Joe Abraham’s TED Talk on the subject. You can then take the free BOSI Entrepreneur Test using the button below. Discover your Entrepreneurial DNA and use the powerful report to maximise your potential.

Advanced Individual Assessment

The Advanced Individual Assessment dives deeper than the Basic Assessment, asking more questions to determine an even more accurate reading of your Enterpreneurial DNA.

We can offer you access to this Assessment for a special price of £15.95

Team Assessments

The real power of BOSI Dna is unleashed when you place different team members on a grid based on their respective entrepreneurial DNA. We prepared this case study on a team we analysed using the team assessment.  We were able to provide SO much value, and that company has now grown its team bringing the right people into the new roles identified in the assessment.

Basic team assessments are available for as little as GBP 5.95 per team member with the advanced assessment from as low as £10.95 per team member. That’s incredible value for amazing insights and all for less than a month’s worth of coffee per person!

We highly recommend the team assessments for any growing business ahead of recruitment for new staff. Understanding the type of skills and personality needed to complement and strengthen your team can worth so much in the long term. We therefore also provide a premium product where we organise the team assessment for you, present you with a bespoke report and analysis and run through the results in a video call.

To buy any of the products noted here click on the button below – if you would like to make an enquiry to find out more simply fill put the Contact Box below

Advanced Individual Assessment

Advanced Individual BOSI Dna assessment – more questions than the basis assessment giving a more accurate analysis of your entrepreneurial DNA

Team Assessments

Team assessments are sold in bundles of 20 or 50 assessments. Your staff will take the test privately and the results will be displayed on a grid. You will have access to all the individual reports. If you want to go premium, Nuvem9 will also organise the assessments, prepare you a summary report and spend a video session with you to explain the results.

Free Basic Individual Assesement

Take the Free test from this link. Answer a short series of questions and get your bespoke free report emailed to you within minutes. Fascinating insights and advice.

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