Nuvem9: the most important number in your business

Nuvem9 are Small Business Growth Consultants; we work with ambitious businesses and help grow their business with the right tools and advice.

Nuvem9 is a growth consultancy that specialises in helping ambitious small businesses scale.

Our Approach

We take a consistent approach to all our assignments. Firstly we take the time to understand your business via a free video call consultation.  This allow you to explain what your business does, what your ambitions are, what you think is performing well and in turn what is frustrating and concerning you. In turn, it allows us to identify areas where we can be of specific help in taking your business forward.

We will then revert to you with a proposal in which we will present a summary of exactly what we would be prepared to do to assist your business match your ambitions and additional insights we will have gained from the first consultation.

By taking the time to fully understand your business needs we will then present you with a range of tailored solutions that we will be confident best meets your needs, requirements and budget.

We don’t just work with any business. We ensure that we work only with ambitious business owners who want to take their company to the next level. Our commitment is to ensure that our expertise and advice will get you there.

Who do we work with & why?

We work with early stage owner managed small businesses & the creative agency market that services them

We focus on:
i. Technology software as a service firms
ii. E-Commerce retailers
iii. Creative service agencies and freelancers

Our expertise and experience is in this space and this is where we know we provide the highest value.

Our ethos

We provide a service that goes Beyond Accounting. We strive to provide a proactive, value based service that analyses and interprets your key business data alongside your financial information.

We want you to understand your financial data and have the confidence to make decisions to grow your business. We will then seek to connect you with the right service providers and lenders you need to deliver your strategy.

Our ethos is to operate as a full business partner for you, making ourselves available and accountable and sharing your path to growing your business.

We also strive to give back and create a wider impact in the world.  You can read more on our partnership with B1G1 here.

The current team

Niall McGinnity – Nuvem9 CEO

I’m Niall McGinnity and I am the Founder of Nuvem9. I trained with Deloitte and was admitted to Chartered Accountants Ireland in 2002. I then spent 10 years working in e-commerce and tech companies, operating at CFO and COO level. In these roles I learned how to raise funding, manage teams in different locations and the importance of systems in financial operations. I also learnt that businesses can suffer terribly when cash isn’t available and gained valuable intel into how to manage cash strapped businesses. I set-up Nuvem9 to pass on the expertise and experience I had gained to the next generation of small business owners. I am passionate about building businesses that make an impact in the world. Where Nuvem9 is different from other accountancy based consultants is that we can combine getting you access to and understanding your numbers and then actually connecting you with service providers to deliver your strategy – we work with a wide network of lenders that can deliver the funds you need and we have access to expertise and experience in sales processes, technical development, digital marketing and customer support.

And whilst I advocate cloud tools on a daily basis to my clients, I do practice what I preach! I now live in Portugal with my family, running my business using cloud technology and using my home as a base to explore Europe in our spare time. You can read more on that experience in my personal blog:

Mike Bowman – Business Mentor

Since 2002, Mike has worked in the start up arena, first as an entrepreneur co-founding a software security company and then then for E-Synergy, an early stage fund manager and support company. During this time he managed over 40 equity investments and mentored over 400 companies. The biggest lessons learnt during this time were that for any business you must get the market timing right and to succeed you need a good team.
Prior to entering this world he spent 25 years with GEC-Marconi working in the software and telecommunications sector taking on development, management and sales roles. Although the corporate world does not offer the same opportunities as a small business it does provide an environment full of experience.
Mike believes that mixing the lessons learnt from small and a large business gives the greatest chance of success. Mike joined Nuvem9 as a Business Mentor in late 2017 and brings a wealth of experience to Nuvem9’s exciting client base of growing Companies.


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