Free Guides from Nuvem9

Guides on key areas of your business based on our hands on experience of setting up, working in, funding and growing businesses

Section 1: Guides for Tech Startups Going for Investment

The 9 Top Metrics You Must Measure Before Sourcing Invesment For Your Tech SaaS Business

As used by Nuvem9 when preparing SaaS forecasting models.

The 9 Reasons you won’t receive investment

9 commonly made mistakes made by startups when seeking investment and Nuvem9’s advice on how to deal with them.

Term Sheet Jargon Buster

A simple layman’s guide to key Term Sheet terminology and clauses

Are you suited to working in a Startup?

A guide to the key personal characteristics needed to survive in a stressful startup environment, based on experience of employee 1 in a VC funded startup.

9 Mistakes to Avoid in your Startup Business

Based on the experience of Nuvem9 CEO Niall McGinnity and the mistakes he made when setting up a tech business from scratch

9 Essential Elements to an Investor Ready Pitch Deck

Based on the experience of Nuvem9 working with guiding companies through VC and angel investment, this guide will show you how to prepare an investor ready pitch deck.

How to write a First Class Business Plan

How to structure and complete the most effective business plan for your Company

Nuvem9’s Execute your Business Strategy process

How to take your business plan and turn into an executed, live, working document that is reviewed and measured throughout the business

Section 2: Cashflow Management Guides


Nuvem9’s internally developed tool for clear simple cashflow management

9 Instant Hacks To Stop Burning As Much Money & Boost Your Business’ Cash Flow

9 tips on how to improve cashflow in your business today – simple to implement and massively effective

Cashflow for Startups

A simple guide detailing steps on how to get paid quicker by customers and systems to help you manage cashflow

Section 3: Funding & Finance Guides

Funding your Business Guide

A guide to how to apply for a range of alternative finance solutions specifically suited to small, growing businesses

Guide to R&D Tax Credits

A guide to R&D Tax credits and how to apply for them to generate cash back into your business

Section 4: Cloud Accounting & Productivity Guides

Streamlining The Making Tax Digital Process

What the HMRC Making Tax Digital scheme means and how it will benefit your business

25 Productivity Tools for Your Tech Startup

Tested and used in Nuvem9 itself, this guide categorises key cloud applications for specific business areas

How to Create a Valuable Business Dashboard

How to set up a visual business dashboard that tracks your key metrics and enhances decision making