As the E-commerce market enters 2018, what are the trends to take account of and ensure your webstore is utilising the most effective marketing and customer service methods?   Maintaining innovative and creative ways of finding and serving your customer base is critical to continued online success.  This infographic, prepared by Creative Canary, highlights the key ECommerce Trends to look out for in 2018 covering:

  • the importance of review marketing
  • how to encourage customers to write and spread the word about your products
  • the emerging importance of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • same day delivery and many more and many more

If you are serious about your webstore scaling in 2018 then this guide is essential!

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Content Credit: Creative Canary is a web design and development company with its headquarters in Perth, Australia. They offer a wide gamut of online services, including web design, SEO, graphic design and corporate branding. It has a hugely varied collection of clients across numerous industries, a testament to the versatility and diversity of the company’s expertise.

Image Credit: Nordwood Themes