Recommended Resources

Nuvem9 have spent time researching and testing the market for resources to work alongside our finance solutions.
This is our recommended resource bank.

A growing business will need an ever wider list of reliable, reputable and astute resources to work with.  We have built up a strong network of service providers that we have listed here to save you time and money in testing the market.


Get the startup legal support you need. At prices you can actually afford

Linkilaw is a legal service designed specifically for startups and small businesses.  They have created a wide network of legal firms that have experience in working with new and early stage businesses.  Linkilaw’s platform allows you to place an enquiry and receive a range of competitively priced solutions.  In addition, Linkilaw sell legal packs covering needs such as shareholder agreements, employment & consultancy agreements, T&Cs and website privacy and cookie policies.  These policies are tailored for your business by a qualified solicitor and delivered to you within 3 days of purchase.

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