Cloud Accounting Systems, Expert Financial Modelling, Growth Strategies, Business Plans & Fundraising

“Nuvem9 are on a mission to make your finances easy to understand and available to you whenever and wherever you need it”.

We are small business and cloud accountancy experts and we service the tech startup, ecommerce and creative services sectors.

The Company Founders are Chartered Accountants and have direct experience in setting up and growing their own businesses in the past.

This gives you access to first class, hands on advice on how to:
– set up financial systems that give you access to financial information when you need it
– develop and cost your strategy for growing the business
– gain funding for business via equity investment and/or debt financing

Our Approach

We take a consistent approach to all our assignments. Firstly we take the time to understand your business via a free video call consultation, allow you to explain what your business does, what your ambitions are, what you think is performing well and in turn what is frustrating and concerning you.

We will then revert to you with a follow up session in which we will present a summary of exactly what we would be prepared to do to assist your business match your ambitions and additional insights we will have gained from the first consultation.

By taking the time to fully understand your business needs we will then present you with a range of tailored solutions that we will be confident best meets your needs, requirements and budget.

We don’t just work with any business. We ensure that we work only with ambitious business owners who want to take their company to the next level. Our commitment is to ensure that our expertise and advice will get you there.

Next Generation Tech Start Ups

Click our Video and see how we can help and work with the Next Generation Tech Start Ups and Saas Companies.


We have a portfolio of tools we combine with our business expertise to work with businesses that have stagnated or plateaued. We are certified partners with BOSIDna and adopt their proven entrepreneur assessment methodology to identify the exact issues in your business structure and work with you to implement the strategy you need to start growing again.


We’ve partnered with a wide range of cloud accounting tools – we are Certified Partners with Xero and utilise Xero and its add-on eco system as cloud accounting integrators to implement the exact financial systems your business needs to maximise efficiencies, minimise costs and provide you with the performance information you need to manage your business.


Financial modelling to suit your business needs, including:
– Investment ready projections
– Cashflow planning & internal decision making
– Scenario analyses
– Sensitivity & stress testing

We know you need to understand your business’ performance. The bottom line is you need to know your cash position, what is coming down the track, your profitability and your key working capital factors.

We create tailored financial modelling, incorporating the right growth and cost metrics for your business, and allowing you to multiple forecast scenarios. We work with businesses seeking to generate rapid growth by identifying solid business strategies, advising and creating flexible business planning and implementing scalable financial systems. In addition, we have a proven track record of delivering investment solutions for businesses needing to take on capital to fund growth.

Business Mentor

Using our expertise in setting up and running early stage businesses we have created an extensive range of business mentor, training and education services. These have been designed to cover exactly what you need to know to turn your idea into a proper business, and advice on what mistakes you need to avoid to ensure you get there quicker. For existing businesses, our business mentor programme can allow you to access our practical experience and financial expertise and safely deal with the obstacles you’ll face as the business grows.

As well as making a large resource of material available for free on the blog on this site, our education services are delivered via one-to-one mentoring, group workshops, online training courses and webinars.

Nuvem9 has partnered with Capitalise to make it easy for businesses to access funding.

Capitalise created a platform where businesses can find, compare and select the right lender in less than 2 minutes.

Not only will you find lenders who specialise in your industry but you’ll also find lenders most likely to give you an offer.

Xero is beautifully designed cloud accounting software used by small businesses worldwide.

Being cloud based it is accessible from any internet enabled device, it is automatically backed up and it is economical to use with a flat monthly subscription covering all users and free upgrades. Data is available real time and integrations with most major banks allows bank transactions to be imported directly to the software – no more painful bank reconciliations! Nuvem9 is a Belfast-based Certified Xero Silver Partner and we use Xero as the basis of providing our Systems services.

We have been a Certified Xero Silver Partner since March 2015

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Niall McGinnity
Nuvem9 – CEO

Nuvem9 are financial consultants that specialise in helping companies prepare for taking on investment or debt finance, by setting up systems to give real time access to their costs and cash position. If you are interested in learning how we can tailor a finance reporting system that you need for your business, plus our wider strategy planning and forecasting services, please call 028 9581 9120 or email: